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Episode: 10 ( Salim Safi )


Malik Sain's home office at Margalla Road
Hina invited Saleem Safi and he disclosed parts of his upcoming interview with Gulbadin Hekmatyar
Malik's comments regarding the Sialkot Lynching incident were also part of the conversation.

Malik: Salim tu kahan phir raha hai?
Salim: Salam ji, Mein aya tha Hina baji ko salam karney

Malik: Meri jaan humarey paas bhee thora sa waqat guzar lo:)
Salim: Zaroor sir, yeh tu meri khush kismati ho gee

Salim: aap busy buhat hotey hain aur mujhe kuch jaldi thee aaj
Salim: magar abb phansa hi liya hai tu aap sey kuch opinion bhee longa

Malik: Salim tere liyey tu jaan bhee hazir hai opinion kya cheez hai:)

Malik: I was thinking a few days ago about you

Salim: :))

Malik: I was hoping that you will do a story about the Sialkot Lynching

Malik But I did not see it, did you?

Salim: Nahin sir.. could not

Malik: that act is so regrettable that words alone do not seem enough to condemn it

Malik: it paints the "UGLY" side of our society or rather what we have become after so much decaying

Malik: "as a society"

Salim: I am concentrating on the root causes of this societal rotting

Malik: Hmm

Salim: samjhey key nahin

Malik: Egoistic Generals?

Salim: EX- General
Salim: Master planners of doom

Malik: Hmm
Malik: true

Malik: And the worrisome part is that they DO NOT, even now, realize the price of all this

Malik: They have ruined this country of ours for their own selfish dreams

Malik: AND all in the name of Islam

Salim: Sir, do not miss my upcoming interview of Hekmatyar
Salim: He is spilling the beans
Salim: it might annoy some of our "powerfuls"

Malik: Is he?

Salim: quite some
Salim: I think he is back in with the Americans

Malik: and did you think it through.. before going ahead?
Salim: absolutely

Malik : and are you comfortably sure that IT IS Time?
Salim : yes

Malik: and its consequences?
Salim: Jee Sir, and I hope that it is the right thing to do, come what may

Malik: If you ask your own heart honestly and the answer is yes then be at peace...

Malik: and do not worry
Malik: Allah behtar karey ga

Malik: umeed achee ki rakho but expect the worse so that "MUSHKI"L finds you ready...

Salim: bas aap ki dua chahiyey
Malik: you do not have to ask for it

Hina walks in with some wrapped items and hands it over to Salim

Hina: Salam
Salim: salam

Hina: Ye un ko dey daina
Salim: Theek hai jee

Hina: aur wapsi pey kuch ley bhee ana agar unhoon ney kuch diya
Salim: Thek hai jee

Malik: Theek hai jee hi karta rahey ga ya poochey ga bhee key kya cheezain?

Salim: Sir Meri itni majal kahan key main Hina Baji sey sawal karoon?

Hina: :)

Hina gives Salim a Kiss on his head and leaves

Salim: Sir Ijazat dain pher aaoon ga
Malik: Theek

Malik: In ONE piece please :)

Salim: Basharte manzoore Khuda


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These are my personal opinions and all characters are fictional and do not represent any real events, any resemblance is mere coincidental. No offense or defamation is intended.

Real Cheetah

Real Cheetah


  • Malik Sain pronounced (Saaeein)
  • Hina Shah Baloach
  • Zarmina Bakht, Inshaal Maruv, Rozina Khan
  • Maria Khan pronounced (Murreeyaah)
  • Maryam Ghani
  • Zaynab Chaudhary
  • Qadir Badshah
  • Falak Sher
  • Laldin Khan Afridi
  • Others


Routine lifestyle of a spiritually inclined entrepreneur, Malik Sain, who owns an Islamabad based enterprise. He is an engineer from UET Lahore and a political science graduate from QAU Islamabad. After the demise of his parents in 1992 he started a small business of construction material supply and converted it into a huge enterprise. His spirituality took him to all kinds of places, in and out of Pakistan with unbreakable links to both political and people of power. His pure heart, intentions and character are source of inspiration and a friendship to die for. He is highly social and extremely well connected with wisdom and networking second to none.

Hina Shah Baloach is a highly spiritual person who has surrendered her worldly life to earn eternal partnership with Malik Sain. She was rescued by Malik in a small village "Got-achi" in Baluchistan after being dead for 4 days. After being saved and brought to Islamabad, she started a small bakery in the blue area with Malik's help and earned a reputation of being the creator of divine foods while reviving ancient Egyptian medical practices. She is the personal chef of Malik Sain and dwells in the same house with all her super natural phenomenon at Margalla road. Her high spiritual nature and connection to god makes her the chief advisor of the Malik.

Zarmina, Inshaal and Rozina survived a similar experience whose discovery and rescue was lead by Hina herself with the help of Malik and his contacts in the tribal areas of Pakistan. All 3 aged 7, 5, 4 are hafiz Quran with strange healing and spiritual powers and have vowed their loyalty to Malik Sain as well.

Maria Khan (pronounced Murreeyaah ) is an old class fellow of Malik from the QAU where she became close to him while studying Political Sciences. She left for further studies at the London School of Economics and on her return got married to Malik. Her character roots have the essence of the early times with the scent of idealism of the slave Murreeyah.

Maryam Ghani is an ex CSP officer who resigned from service and immediately joined Malik Enterprise on the owner's request. She is the Chief Operations Officer of the company with all her contacts and control and her devotion to Malik run miles. Her office is located in F6/3 sector where she manages a staff of 48 people.

Zaynab is the brain child of the entire enterprise who took the small company to the skies. Being a marketing person with flirt and liberal attitude, all her decisions were nothing but a success for the enterprise. She is the closest to Malik and anticipates his every move for a perfect execution. Her loyalty to Malik is what earned her the status of the CEO of the enterprise. She manages the entire company from her office situated within Malik's house at Margalla Road with a small staff of 4 people.

Qadir Badshah is an old handy man and a time tested friend of the Malik family and after Hina's mysterious appearance has been trained by her for her ginnie endeavors which he enjoys performing.

Falak Sher and Laldin Khan Afridi are two highly trained ex- SSG Commandos who became Malik's personal body guards and have fully devoted their life for him.

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